Families qualifying for free care according to Job and Family Services will be awarded free care. For all others care will be charged based on the fee schedule below.

Please call for further details.

Family size          Yearly Income                               Monthly Fee

     2                         $28,000.00                                     $ 99.00

     3                         $37,000.00                          

     4                         $44,000.00                          

     5                         $49,000.00

     6                         $54,000.00

     7                         $59,000.00

     8                         $66,000.00

The above incomes qualify for $99.00 monthly tuition. The tuition includes         all-day classes during school breaks.

As the income increases by $4,000.00 per year the monthly fee will increase by $100.00 per month.

The Summer Camp will be $35.00 per week in addition to the $99.00 per month tuition based on the scale above. As the income increases the weekly camp rate will increase $15.00 per week per child.

There may be a discount for multiple children from the same household. ​ Families who are enrolled during the school year will be given the opportunity to enroll in the summer camp early. If not enrolled prior to open enrollment it is first come first serve basis.

​Prices are subject to change at anytime.