Custom Fit Kids is a new way to think of a non-profit. We help working families by teaching their children how to become healthy productive members of society thru sustainability and life skills at affordable prices.

As a parent and former single parent, I know how hard it is to find balance financially and emotionally with our children. My son hated day camp. Before and after school programs, that were somewhat affordable, were too much money for me. Sending my child to places I knew he did not like was one of the hardest things I ever had to do. I would leave him knowing he hated being there. But, I had to go to work and had no other options. It only got worse as he got older. I will never forget the way I felt every time I had to leave him. It broke my heart.

It is unfair, that as hard working parents we have to spend a large portion of our incomes on child care or expensive camps that our children do not  enjoy. Imagine being able to take your child somewhere they are excited to go to. Or better yet imagine your pre-teen getting themselves out of bed to go without your help. 

Custom Fit Kids is an alternative solution that your kids will want to be a part of it. Your child will be learning without even knowing because they will be enjoying themselves so much. We teach the children life skills that no child care, camp, karate school, or dance school ever will. These skills will be used throughout their lives. The best part is they will be making money! We pay your children.

It is not necessary to qualify for discounted or free membership, although it is available, anyone can attend. You can give your child an enriching experience without sacrificing your paycheck. Everyone is treated equally. Custom Fit Kids is an alternative that is affordable and safe. How nice would it be to have your child enjoy their day and you know they are safe, having fun and making money! This would have been my dream come true to show up and pick up a happy child with some money in his pocket. Not to mention have him learning valuable life skills.

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Photos of the garden where the kids grew their vegetables

Some photos the kids running their lemonade stand

Serving Children ages 5-13

The new home of Custom Fit Kids, Inc. 2016



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